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2014-05-31Bump versions for 1.11 developmentKai Huuhko
2014-04-05Update information in README etc. and bump the series in setup.pyKai Huuhko
2014-03-05Development of the 1.10 version start now.davemds
2013-11-06Update api_coverage script, CODING, TODOKai Huuhko
2013-04-03CODING++, TODO++Kai Huuhko
2013-03-31Pythn-EFL: try to improve the CODING filedavemds
2013-03-30Add discussion items to CODING.Kai Huuhko
2013-03-30Python-EFL: The Zen of Python :)davemds
2013-03-30Python-EFL: CODING, explain better the choosedavemds
2013-03-29TODO++, CODING++Kai Huuhko
2013-03-28Add the file CODING for coding related information.Kai Huuhko