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2014-05-31Bump versions for 1.11 developmentKai Huuhko
2014-05-30Update READMEv1.10.0Kai Huuhko
2014-05-29Bump versions and compile changelog for releaseKai Huuhko
2014-04-29README.rst: Fix header formattingKai Huuhko
2014-04-29Add .rst file suffix to README so it gets formatted on cgit about pageKai Huuhko
2014-04-05Update information in README etc. and bump the series in setup.pyKai Huuhko
We're at series 1.10 development, that goes in VERSION, with no releases in this series out yet, denoted by 1.9.99 in RELEASE
2013-12-10Bump version for 1.9 developmentKai Huuhko
2013-12-07Bump version for release, update TODO, add changes.htmlKai Huuhko
2013-11-09Elementary: Remove leftover deprecated function declarations.Kai Huuhko
The ones that have no equivalent replacement still do remain.
2013-11-02Elementary.object_item: Change to hold a dict (like Eo).Kai Huuhko
This may affect some cases where it was assumed to hold a tuple with args,kwargs. Dealing with the fallout was added as a TODO and the change documented in README.
2013-09-22Separate TODO from README.Kai Huuhko
2013-09-15Python-EFL: renamed TODO to README, with some small additionsdavemds
2013-09-15Python-EFL: warn the user when try to use the subprocess or the signal ↵davemds
modules, as they conflict with ecore
2013-08-10Update TODOKai Huuhko
2013-05-14Python-EFL: implemented decorators for edje.davemds
Decorators implemented in a much more simple and generic way than before, we can use them in other place too. 3 deco implemented: @on_signal(emission, source) @message_handler @on_text_change I choosed the 'strange' on_* naming convention to not clash/confuse with normal callback functions, tell me if you don't like.
2013-05-13Python-EFL: implemented ecore.Poller, with docs and unittest.davemds
2013-05-12Python-EFL: implemented ecore.FileMonitor classdavemds
2013-05-01Update TODO.Kai Huuhko
2013-04-22Evas: Fix Textgrid and add tests.Kai Huuhko
2013-04-14Python-EFL: Implemented EdjeEdit API, with full unit tests.davemds
Some stuff is not working on the C side, the unit test is full of FIXME and TODO. The biggest problem is the PartState that do not work at all, I will give a short look at this, but I'm not so much intrested atm...If you want/need to help please let me know.
2013-04-13Python-EFL: Put in test_dbus_spy.pydavemds
This new test is highly ispired by d-feet and probably I will make a full application from this. It connect to Session or System buses, show all the available services on the selected bus, and introspect the services to show all the available Objects, Interfaces, Properties, Methods and Signals...All this is shown using two GenList... If you know d-feet you know what I'm speaking about ;)
2013-04-07Evas: Actually commit Textgrid code and TODO ++--.Kai Huuhko
2013-04-07Evas: Add code for Textgrid, compiles but not tested.Kai Huuhko
2013-04-07TODO++Kai Huuhko
2013-04-07Python-EFL: TODO ++davemds
2013-04-06Elm: Fix segfault in tooltip content cbKai Huuhko
2013-04-04Python-EFL: put in all the widget preview imagesdavemds
2013-04-03Elm: Add documentation for the exceptions added earlier.Kai Huuhko
2013-04-03TODO++Kai Huuhko
2013-04-03TODO++Kai Huuhko
2013-04-03Python-EFL: TODO--davemds
2013-04-03CODING++, TODO++Kai Huuhko
2013-03-31Python-EFL: add a note about _fruni and _cfuni problems in TODOdavemds
2013-03-30Python-EFL: The Zen of Python :)davemds
2013-03-29TODO++, CODING++Kai Huuhko
2013-03-27Python-EFL: cleanup a little, INSTALL and TODOdavemds
2013-03-25Free allocated memory after passing an array of strings to ↵Kai Huuhko
2013-03-25TODOKai Huuhko
2013-03-24TODOKai Huuhko
2013-03-05python-efl: Add elm.general.cache_all_flush(), fix tests.Kai Huuhko
SVN revision: 84410
2013-03-01Do not import EVERY widget while importing efl.elementaryDavide Andreoli
Now the user is responsable of importing the widget used one by one, this should be a great speedup in the launch of the app. You have to import stuff in this way: from efl import evas from efl import elementary from efl.elementary.window import Window from efl.elementary.layout import Layout ...sorry for the inconvenience SVN revision: 84402
2013-02-26Python-EFL: emotion api and docs 100% doneDavide Andreoli
SVN revision: 84390
2013-02-24Python-EFL: put in the infra for Evas docsDavide Andreoli
SVN revision: 84337
2013-02-18Python-EFL: edje.text/color_class_list are ok now.Unskip the unittestsDavide Andreoli
SVN revision: 84068
2013-02-17Python-EFL: make ecore Exe and FdHandler py3 friendly. svn ignore++Davide Andreoli
SVN revision: 84029
2013-02-16Python-EFL: remove some deprecated stuff and cleanp all the warningsDavide Andreoli
SVN revision: 84008
2013-02-16Python-EFL: canvas callbacks are okDavide Andreoli
SVN revision: 84000
2013-02-16Python-EFL: edje_external now works with py3Davide Andreoli
SVN revision: 83980
2013-02-14Python-EFL: Cleanup and enable compilation of emotion, cleaned also the test.Davide Andreoli
SVN revision: 83931
2013-02-14Python-EFL: unbreak, something need to expandDavide Andreoli
SVN revision: 83930