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2016-11-05Fix for cython 0.25Dave Andreoli
2016-08-16Switch enums to use the old system we had previouslyKai Huuhko
2016-08-13Bump copyright yearKai Huuhko
2015-05-04Add automated init/shutdown to rest of the modulesKai Huuhko
2015-03-13Ecore-X: Fix copy & paste error in last commitKai Huuhko
2015-03-13Ecore-X: Add cursor_free, deprecate screensaver_supendKai Huuhko
2015-03-13Ecore-X: Add cursor_shape_get()Kai Huuhko
2015-02-19Fix for cython 0.22Dave Andreoli
2015-01-04Move ecore_x out of the ecore extensionDave Andreoli