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2015-05-07Elm: Unify modules into a monolithic moduleKai Huuhko
2015-01-14GengridItem: no more need to implement tooltip/cursor functionsDave Andreoli
2015-01-05And (finally) new style enums for elmDave Andreoli
2015-01-04New style enums for ecoreDave Andreoli
2014-08-01Gengrid: new property reorder_type, with test for reorder modedavemds
2014-08-01Gengrid: implemented search_by_text_item_get(), with a proper testdavemds
2014-05-28Elementary.gengrid: Add missing APIKai Huuhko
2014-05-10Revert "Added Gengrid.focus_direction_allow property"davemds
2014-05-10Added Gengrid.focus_direction_allow propertydavemds
2014-05-05New Gengrid reorder_mode functions and signals.davemds
2014-04-14Code cleanup: Unused/misplaced cimportsKai Huuhko
2014-04-09Elementary: const'ness for gettersKai Huuhko
2014-04-05Remove const hacksKai Huuhko
2013-11-27Elementary: Synchronize more code in genlist <-> gengridKai Huuhko
2013-11-09Elementary: Remove leftover deprecated function declarations.Kai Huuhko
2013-10-20Partially revert "Elementary: Move private definitions inside the pyx files."Kai Huuhko
2013-10-07Elementary: Move private definitions inside the pyx files.Kai Huuhko
2013-09-25Elementary: Few more missing functions.Kai Huuhko
2013-05-01Python-EFL: unbreak compilation with cython 1.7.3davemds
2013-05-01Elementary: Change the rest of the widgets to use the new item handlingKai Huuhko
2013-02-17python-efl: Copy over the experimental work on py-elm from my github repo:Kai Huuhko