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2015-05-07Elm: Unify modules into a monolithic moduleKai Huuhko
2015-01-05And (finally) new style enums for elmDave Andreoli
2014-07-31New Map function: region_zoom_bring_indavemds
2014-04-09Elementary: const'ness for gettersKai Huuhko
2014-04-05Remove const hacksKai Huuhko
They were a workaround for limitations in Cython <0.18
2013-10-20Partially revert "Elementary: Move private definitions inside the pyx files."Kai Huuhko
We can do this later, let's keep working for now. This reverts commit c96851c8f5c1917175f8b75b5769c9cec4cd45e3. Conflicts: efl/elementary/gengrid.pyx efl/elementary/genlist.pyx efl/elementary/object.pyx efl/elementary/scroller.pxd efl/elementary/scroller.pyx
2013-10-07Elementary: Move private definitions inside the pyx files.Kai Huuhko
Only share (in pxd-files) the definitions that are needed by other modules. Removed widget_header.pxi to make cimports more obvious.
2013-02-17python-efl: Copy over the experimental work on py-elm from my github repo:Kai Huuhko
- split modules, cuts down development time - Sphinx documentation - new work flow for list type widgets while keeping compatibility with the old one - input events now have functional propagation and support for mouse wheel events - assorted fixes SVN revision: 84027