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* Removed init/shutdown calls from tests and examplesKai Huuhko2015-05-041-2/+0
* Examples.elementary: Update fs_entry/btn testsKai Huuhko2015-02-211-3/+20
| | | | to not use deprecated methods.
* Evas: better define for EVAS_HINT_FILL/EXPANDDave Andreoli2015-01-051-3/+1
| | | | | | Also added the various tuple we always use, just for convenience. Use the new tuples in the elm examples
* Python-EFL: Fileselector 1,9 API additions.davemds2014-02-261-0/+82
* added property thumbnail_size * added function custom_filter_append * splitted the 3 tests in 3 different files * test rewritten to better match the C one. NOTE: custom_filter_append is leaking...need to find a proper way to unref Added a note in the TODO for this issue.