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2017-04-04Revert "New 1.19 API: elm.Win.stack_*"Dave Andreoli
2017-03-15New 1.19 API: elm.Calendar.date_{min,max}Dave Andreoli
2017-02-27New 1.19 API: elm.Naviframe "item,activated" cbDave Andreoli
2017-02-26Make the new image test py2 compatDave Andreoli
2017-02-26New 1.19 API: elm.Image.async_open + 4 new callbacksDave Andreoli
2017-02-26Split 2 elm.Image tests in 2 filesDave Andreoli
2017-02-26New 1.19 API: elm.Progressbar.is_pulsingDave Andreoli
2017-02-26New 1.19 API: elm.Panel "toggled" signalDave Andreoli
2017-02-25New 1.19 API: elm.Win.stack_*Dave Andreoli
2016-11-05Respect pep8Dave Andreoli
2016-10-22Tests: use correct FDO icon namesDave Andreoli
2016-10-22Test External: more readable indentationDave Andreoli
2016-10-22Test Externals: keep in sync with the C testDave Andreoli
2016-08-13new 1.18 API: elm.Window.noblankDave Andreoli
2016-08-13New 1.18 API: elm.Slider.indicator_show_on_focusDave Andreoli
2016-08-12Elm.Photo: Add callback prints to exampleKai Huuhko
2016-08-12New 1.18 API: elm.Popup.scrollableDave Andreoli
2016-08-12New 1.18 API: elm.Popup.alignDave Andreoli
2016-08-12New 1.18 API: elm.Configuration.icon_themeDave Andreoli
2016-08-12New 1.18 API: 3 new getters for elm.PhotoDave Andreoli
2016-08-11Fix the genlist reusable contents testDave Andreoli
2016-08-10Docs and tests for new elm.Label stylesDave Andreoli
2016-08-10Mark the ComboBox widget as broken/deprecated.Dave Andreoli
2016-08-09New 1.18 API: elm.Entry.select_allowDave Andreoli
2016-08-09New 1.18 API: elm.Slider.range_enabled/rangeDave Andreoli
2016-08-09New 1.18 API: elm.Genlist.filtered_items_count()Dave Andreoli
2016-08-09New 1.18 API: elm Genlist reusable content functionalityDave Andreoli
2016-08-09Fix implementation of elm.GenlistItem.all_contents_unset()Dave Andreoli
2016-08-09New 1.18 API: elm.GengridItem.all_contents_unset()Dave Andreoli
2016-08-09New 1.18 API: elm.Entry.select_region (get + property)Dave Andreoli
2016-08-09New 1.18 API: elm.Transit.revert()Dave Andreoli
2016-02-08Fix 2 examples to work with py2Dave Andreoli
2016-02-02Elm.MultiButtonEntry: Fix filter callbackKai Huuhko
2016-02-02Elm.MultiButtonEntry: Attempt to fix leaks, add more docsKai Huuhko
2016-01-23fix the url for the remote image testDave Andreoli
2016-01-23New 1.17 API: elm.Popup.dismiss()Dave Andreoli
2016-01-23New 1.17 API: elm.Ctxpopup "geometry,update" smart cbDave Andreoli
2016-01-23New 1.17 API: ELM_GEN[GRID/LIST]_ITEM_SCROLLTO_BOTTOMDave Andreoli
2016-01-23New elm widget: ComboboxDave Andreoli
2016-01-21New 1.17 API: elm.Configuration.context_menu_disabledDave Andreoli
2016-01-20Implemented Genlist filter abilityDave Andreoli
2016-01-10Moved (un)focused and language,changed events down to Object.Dave Andreoli
2016-01-08Add a new module: ecore_inputDave Andreoli
2016-01-04ethumb test: more correct global usageDave Andreoli
2016-01-03Revamp old and broken EthumbClient moduleDave Andreoli
2016-01-03Implemented efl.Ethumb.Ethumb class.Dave Andreoli
2016-01-03emotion test: another harmless leftover removedDave Andreoli
2016-01-03emotion test: remove an unwanted/unused importDave Andreoli
2015-12-20More tests on GenlistItem show/bring_inDave Andreoli
2015-12-09Elementary.dnd: Fix various leftover issuesKai Huuhko