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2016-08-13Bump copyright yearKai Huuhko
2015-01-02Another year has passed...Dave Andreoli
2014-04-14Code cleanup: Unused/misplaced cimportsKai Huuhko
2014-04-05Remove const hacksKai Huuhko
They were a workaround for limitations in Cython <0.18
2013-12-07Python-EFL: fix the mess with the lgpl version.davemds
Elm was lgpl3, COPYING was lgpl3, docs say lgpl3. So fix everything to be v3. Also fix the COPING for Lesser: we must include gpl (in COPYING) AND lgpl (in COPYING.LESSER).
2013-10-23PythonEFL: (as always) unbreak the build with older chytondavemds
2013-10-23First attempt at integrating Eina Log with Python logging.Kai Huuhko
Has two loggers: efl and efl.eo. To test, add handlers, formatters etc. and change levels using normal Python logging utilities. The test messages come from efl.eo init and class registration.
2013-09-30Rename efl.pxd to efl.eina.pxdKai Huuhko