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2016-10-24some cc don't like the way cython use EINA_LOG macrosDave Andreoli
In some system we saw the compilation fail with this error: efl/eo/efl.eo.c:1137:60: error: format not a string literal and no format arguments [-Werror=format-security] EINA_LOG_DOM_INFO(__pyx_v_3efl_2eo_PY_EFL_EO_LOG_DOMAIN, __pyx_k_Initializing_efl_eo); so just ignore those warnings
2016-10-14warnings--Dave Andreoli
2016-10-14Silence some false compiler warningsDave Andreoli
This make the output a lot more readable, we can now spot real warnings
2016-08-16Switch enums to use the old system we had previouslyKai Huuhko
This allows us to support Cython 0.23+ Fix error handling in uninstall commandKai Huuhko Blacklist Cython 0.24Kai Huuhko Check that pregenerated files are available when requestedKai Huuhko
2016-01-08Add a new module: ecore_inputDave Andreoli
as always with docs and example
2016-01-03Revamp old and broken EthumbClient moduleDave Andreoli
This was not functional at all, so I broke the API "a bit"
2015-11-16A new ecore module: ecore_conDave Andreoli
It's now super easy to perform various network task in a full efl fashion. Implemented "Lookup" for dns query and "Url" to perform http requests. "Server" will come soon. Comes with quite complete docs, examples and unit tests
2015-10-06Blacklist Cython 0.23.XDave Andreoli
The 0.23 series break our enum usage, 0.24 will come with a new enum system, so wait for it and blacklist the broken one for now.
2015-07-12Fix build when ecore-x is not availableDave Andreoli
2015-05-07Elm: Unify modules into a monolithic moduleKai Huuhko Fix Cython specific optionsKai Huuhko
**SPANK SPANK SPANK!!** Dave has been naughty. build_ext must be imported from Cython in order for options like --cython-dbg to be understood by the setup script.
2015-03-07Evas.SmartObject: rewrite because of changes in Cython 0.21.1Kai Huuhko
Unfortunately it was impossible to keep api compatibility. Compiles but didn't test it yet, need to rewrite the tests and examples too.
2015-03-05Evas: Bring back SmartObjectKai Huuhko
Possible TODO: support per-child delete cb like in C
2015-02-21Elementary: Add module systrayKai Huuhko
Test/example needs more work
2015-02-16Correct commit countDave Andreoli
The current method of counting commits give a wrong number. This lets git do the counting. patch by Doug Newgard slightly modified by me
2015-02-07Include the betaX in dist package name.Dave Andreoli
This will generate the 1.13.0-beta1 pre-release
2015-01-20Keep track of installed files by py versionDave Andreoli
Now you can install/uninstall using more than one python versions
2015-01-20New command: testDave Andreoli
This command run all the available unit test, will be used also in jenkins
2015-01-17Nother try to make cython happy on jenkinsDave Andreoli
2015-01-17Use LooseVersion (instead of pkg-config) to check required version.Dave Andreoli
This again to try fixing the build on jenkins
2015-01-06Autodetect ecore xDave Andreoli
2015-01-04Use new cython cpdef-enums in evasDave Andreoli
cpdef enums are automatically exported to C and to python, no more need for the enums file and the duplicated definition for py. This is a cython 0.21 feature so from now on you will need at least that version. Require some <int> cast here and there, but a totally win in the end.
2015-01-04Provide the uninstall command for python-efl itselfDave Andreoli
2015-01-04Reworked CleanGenerated, more verbose nowDave Andreoli
2015-01-04disable ecore_x by defaultDave Andreoli
2015-01-04Move ecore_x out of the ecore extensionDave Andreoli
Now ecore do not more looks like an alien with his __init__ hack and his different module/package structure This broke ecore.x users as the extension is now efl.ecore_x Sorry to bother but I still think that ecore_x should not be implemented in python, if this hurt you please let me know
2015-01-02Revert "Try to fix a weired error we are getting on Jenkins"Dave Andreoli
This reverts commit 01105db325644a38bcde05293ae73f5c2a5c9831. not needed, did not helped with the jenkins build :(
2015-01-02Try to fix a weired error we are getting on JenkinsDave Andreoli
I cannot reproduce the error in any way here, so just blindly try this
2015-01-02Disable evas.SmartObject to workaround Cython brakage.Dave Andreoli
SmartObject do work fully in real, thay probably need a full rewrite, so this should not harm at all. Also disabled tests and examples
2015-01-02Changed the way we check and enable Cython usageDave Andreoli
* Cython is disable by default in dist tarballs (checking if Makefile exists) * Cython is enabled by default in git version * Only blacklist Cython in py3 (it is broken only there) * Now respect two env vars: DISABLE_CYTHON or ENABLE_CYTHON * Always use LooseVersion for checking Cython version no need to use cython build_extDave Andreoli
Seems to me that cythonize() is doing the same work, need some testing
2015-01-02Another cython version to blacklist :(Dave Andreoli be more verbose about python and cython versionsDave Andreoli cleanups: indentationDave Andreoli cleanup: use 2 lists for ext_modules and py_modulesDave Andreoli
2015-01-01Added new efl.utils.setup pure python moduleDave Andreoli
This module contain some distutils commands that can be used by apps in the script
2014-12-21more metadata for pypiDave Andreoli
2014-12-21Also clean ethumb files in CleanGenerated commandDave Andreoli
2014-12-21Updated metadata and other stuff for pypi compliance.Dave Andreoli
From now on you can ownload and install the bindings using pypi: pip install python-efl The 1.12.0 release is uploaded yet do not fail when sphinx is not foundDave Andreoli
2014-11-02Cython 0.21.1 is broken for py3, blacklisted.Dave Andreoli
more info at: Fix check for Cython when building from git sourceKai Huuhko Add dummy commit count for dev build if git is not foundKai Huuhko add missing ecore-x include dir for elmKai Huuhko
2014-08-16Add version info in the efl package.davemds
Also removed the logger import in efl, not usefull and only create problems
2014-05-31Remove pre-1.8 Python bindings' compatibility packagesKai Huuhko
2014-05-31Bump versions for 1.11 developmentKai Huuhko