BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
devs/cedric/lifecycleelementary: beginning to fix elm_list items lifecycle.Cedric BAIL5 hours
devs/derekf/waylandee_wayland: Fix device leak on disconnectDerek Foreman6 days
devs/jackdanielz/exactnessExactness/Player: import edc fileDaniel Zaoui3 hours
devs/lauromoura/renaming2efl_mono: Fix events after Event_Description rename.Lauro Moura23 hours
devs/stefan/arcpatch-D6161ci: test the installed parts of eflMarcel Hollerbach9 days
devs/stefan/coverity_scanuse the normal patternStefan Schmidt6 days
devs/stefan/travis-reliable-ciwe should try to use the coverity project we already have to submit buildsStefan Schmidt6 days
efl-1.20remove potential double freeAndy Williams9 days
feature/themes/flatTH - list - adjust offscale and min sizes to match genlistCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)3 days
masterelm_main: call _elm_config_shutdown() after loop_iterate()WooHyun Jung5 hours
v1.20.7efl-1.20.7.tar.gz  Stefan Schmidt3 months
v1.20.6efl-1.20.6.tar.gz  Stefan Schmidt6 months
v1.20.5efl-1.20.5.tar.gz  Cedric BAIL7 months
v1.20.4efl-1.20.4.tar.gz  Stefan Schmidt8 months
v1.20.3efl-1.20.3.tar.gz  Stefan Schmidt9 months
v1.19.2efl-1.19.2.tar.gz  Stefan Schmidt9 months
v1.20.2efl-1.20.2.tar.gz  Stefan Schmidt9 months
v1.20.1efl-1.20.1.tar.gz  Stefan Schmidt10 months
v1.20.0efl-1.20.0.tar.gz  Stefan Schmidt10 months
v1.20.0-beta3efl-1.20.0-beta3.tar.gz  Stefan Schmidt10 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
5 hourselm_main: call _elm_config_shutdown() after loop_iterate()HEADmasterWooHyun Jung1-1/+1
7 hourseina: path get actually allocate memory and can't be pure.Cedric BAIL1-2/+2
7 hoursefl_ui_focus_composition: track the deletion state of child objectsMarcel Hollerbach1-1/+11
14 hoursefl_mono: Generate support for accessors in .eosLauro Moura7-6/+99
14 hoursefl_mono: Initial support for Accessors.Lauro Moura7-0/+206
14 hoursefl_mono: Reject the promise when it's disposed.Lauro Moura2-1/+49
14 hoursecore-evas-buffer: defer resize callback until pre-renderMike Blumenkrantz2-1/+8
20 hoursefl: merge namespace conflict related renaming progressDaniel Kolesa55-155/+150
20 hoursefl_mono: Fix events after Event_Description rename.Lauro Moura5-12/+7
20 hoursefl: rename Efl.Ui.Zoom.Mode -> Efl.Ui.Zoom_ModeXavi Artigas1-2/+2