BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
devs/bu5hm4n/eina_vpathWIPMarcel Hollerbach15 hours
devs/bu5hm4n/meson-nextand here comes the lost build file :)Marcel Hollerbach12 days
devs/cedric/modelseldbus: migrate tests to use new Efl.Model API.Cedric BAIL3 days
devs/derekf/waylandefl_ui_win: Remove _elm_win_opaque_updateDerek Foreman3 days
devs/discomfitor/quicklaunchwipMike Blumenkrantz12 days
devs/discomfitor/wipwipMike Blumenkrantz7 days
devs/jaehyun/efl_ui_naviframe4Add Efl.Ui.Frame_Stack and Efl.Ui.Frame_NavigationJaehyun Cho11 days
devs/stefan/travis-for-stableci: make sure we fail the build and pass on the non zero exit codeStefan Schmidt5 days
efl-1.20elm_code: Fix line selection with leading tabsAndy Williams41 hours
masterecore-evas: Replace ecore_wl_dpi_get with ecore_wl2_output_dpi_getMyoungwoon Roy, Kim9 min.
v1.20.6efl-1.20.6.tar.gz  Stefan Schmidt3 months
v1.20.5efl-1.20.5.tar.gz  Cedric BAIL4 months
v1.20.4efl-1.20.4.tar.gz  Stefan Schmidt5 months
v1.20.3efl-1.20.3.tar.gz  Stefan Schmidt6 months
v1.19.2efl-1.19.2.tar.gz  Stefan Schmidt6 months
v1.20.2efl-1.20.2.tar.gz  Stefan Schmidt6 months
v1.20.1efl-1.20.1.tar.gz  Stefan Schmidt7 months
v1.20.0efl-1.20.0.tar.gz  Stefan Schmidt7 months
v1.20.0-beta3efl-1.20.0-beta3.tar.gz  Stefan Schmidt7 months
v1.20.0-beta2efl-1.20.0-beta2.tar.gz  Stefan Schmidt7 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
9 min.ecore-evas: Replace ecore_wl_dpi_get with ecore_wl2_output_dpi_getHEADmasterMyoungwoon Roy, Kim1-3/+8
23 hourselc_popup: revert changes that accidently sneaked in.Marcel Hollerbach1-1/+1
27 hoursPyolian: improve a bit the namespace generationDave Andreoli4-48/+153
39 hourselm_web: this testcase now also worksMarcel Hollerbach1-2/+0
40 hourselm_web: web should NEVER be NULLMarcel Hollerbach1-10/+7
40 hourselm_config: save the backend string as stringshareMarcel Hollerbach1-1/+1
40 hourselm: fix test case for elm_webMarcel Hollerbach2-1/+2
40 hoursedje: use new bs static libMarcel Hollerbach2-18/+11
40 hoursevas: use new bs static libMarcel Hollerbach2-6/+12
40 hoursethumb: use new bs static libMarcel Hollerbach2-4/+6