BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
devs/avilog/adding_eolian_infoEolian: adding new tool for extracting info on eolian classesAvi Levin7 days
devs/avilog/replace_smart_callbacks_with_eoEmotion: Adding emotion_test_main-eoAvi Levin7 days
devs/cedric/evas_snapshotevas: we now need to force mark the object as changed.Cedric BAIL6 days
devs/cedric/evgevas: improve simple VG example to interpolate a full VG tree.Cedric BAIL3 days
devs/herdsman/tb_markup_loop_bugEvas textblock: Fix infinite loop caseDaniel Hirt7 days
devs/jackdanielz/DnDXDnD: support large images retrieval.Daniel Zaoui32 hours
devs/jpeg/evas_api_cleanupEvas.Image: Rewrite Eo API data_set()Jean-Philippe Andre4 days
devs/jpeg/filtersWIPJean-Philippe Andre10 days
devs/jpeg/snapshotEvas render: Fix crash with async render and snapshotsJean-Philippe Andre4 days
masterevas gl - dont crash if gl image internal im is nullCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)12 hours
v1.14.2commit fb6e978dcc...Stefan Schmidt10 days
v1.14.1commit 319ab446f9...Daniel Juyung Seo5 weeks
v1.13.3commit 911df242ab...Stefan Schmidt7 weeks
v1.14.0commit b43ff49525...Stefan Schmidt9 weeks
v1.14.0-beta3commit 259c2e53c5...Stefan Schmidt2 months
v1.14.0-beta2commit b81b29eba2...Stefan Schmidt3 months
v1.14.0-beta1commit ae8afa2748...Stefan Schmidt3 months
v1.14.0-alpha1commit 2bbdc17bea...Stefan Schmidt3 months
v1.13.2commit 99abdc5ca4...Stefan Schmidt3 months
v1.13.1commit 16e098df2d...Stefan Schmidt4 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
12 hoursevas gl - dont crash if gl image internal im is nullHEADmasterCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)1-0/+2
17 hoursefreet - improve edstop exec find to use the command with less argsCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)1-4/+107
44 hoursedje: add Convex Hull logicperepelits.m1-0/+681
45 hourseina: fix failure of eina_quaternion_test.Vivek Ellur1-1/+2
2 daysEcore_File: use ecore_file_mkdir()Vincent Torri1-1/+1
2 daysEcore_File: better implementation of ecore_file_mkdir()Vincent Torri1-2/+1
2 daysEcore_File: improve comment of ecore_file_mkdir()Vincent Torri1-3/+4
2 daysEina: include string.h on Windows as memcpy is used (fixes warning)Vincent Torri1-0/+3
2 daysEvil: add a wrapper around _mkdirVincent Torri3-2/+28
2 daysEfl debug daemon: Fix Warning on Windows.Vincent Torri1-2/+2