BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
devs/cedric/nextedje: remove unecessary forced call to recalc all edje file.Cedric BAIL11 days
devs/devilhorns/ecore_drm2ecore-drm2: Add API function to assign a framebuffer object to a planeChris Michael7 days
devs/devilhorns/ecore_libinputecore-libinput: Add ecore_libinput_shutdown functionChris Michael4 days
devs/devilhorns/planesEvas: Use proper language for harfbuzz shapingYoungbok Shin8 days
devs/felipealmeida/promisesecore: First prototype of promisesFelipe Magno de Almeida2 weeks
devs/jayji/osxecore_cocoa: add function attributesJean Guyomarc'h19 hours
devs/jpeg/canvas_eo_cleanupEvas canvas: un-protect output_framespace and viewport gettersJean-Philippe Andre9 days
devs/q66/eolian_nexteolian: add api to deal with typedecl free funcsDaniel Kolesa24 hours
efl-1.17eina: invalidate last add/del rects when the opposite operation occursMike Blumenkrantz7 days
masterEolian eina_types: Add Eina.Matrix3 and start using it.Tom Hacohen80 min.
v1.17.0commit 745f708692...Stefan Schmidt10 days
v1.17.0-beta3commit 90455285ad...Stefan Schmidt3 weeks
v1.17.0-beta2commit 23cceeeaaa...Stefan Schmidt4 weeks
v1.17.0-beta1commit 8f02187d7a...Stefan Schmidt5 weeks
v1.17.0-alpha1commit 470e267f2d...Stefan Schmidt5 weeks
v1.16.1commit e5695c9bc0...Daniel Juyung Seo7 weeks
v1.15.3commit 469915d4a3...Daniel Juyung Seo2 months
v1.16.0commit 37a1e0112d...Stefan Schmidt3 months
v1.16.0-beta3commit 03e8f38463...Stefan Schmidt4 months
v1.16.0-beta2commit 4a830877f0...Stefan Schmidt4 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
80 min.Eolian eina_types: Add Eina.Matrix3 and start using it.HEADmasterTom Hacohen3-2/+18
88 min.Ector gl renderer: Fix Eolian warnings.Tom Hacohen1-1/+3
89 min.Efl animator: Fix Eolian warnings.Tom Hacohen1-0/+2
93 min.Ector gl surface: Fix Eolian warnings.Tom Hacohen1-2/+4
93 min.Ector generic surface: Fix Eolian warnings.Tom Hacohen1-2/+2
93 min.Ector generic buffer: Fix Eolian warnings.Tom Hacohen1-0/+2
93 min.Ector cairo: define cairo_t as extern.Tom Hacohen1-0/+2
93 min.Ecore exe: Move more structs and enums to Eolian.Tom Hacohen2-48/+43
93 min.Ecore con dns: Fix eo file warnings.Tom Hacohen1-0/+2
3 hoursecore-x: Add EINA_SAFETY checks for missing displayChris Michael1-0/+4