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DocFX (https://dotnet.github.io/docfx/) generates documentation HTML pages
directly from source code and Markdown files for C# projects.

Although significantly slow, it is a simple alternative while our own
documentation generator for C# is being written.

The scripts in this folder create a documentation site which contains the API
reference guide and articles with tutorials and guides.
The API guide is generated from the EFL mono sources, which are generated as
part of the normal build process.
The articles are fetched from the EFL www-content repository and adapted to
DocFX syntax.


First off, build EFL with C# support enabled so the C# sources are generated
(you will need to have mono 5 installed for this).
Then, from this folder, run the `setup.sh` script to download and extract the
DocFX binaries to the `bin` folder, fetch the articles from the `www-content`
repository and adapt them to the DocFX syntax.
Finally, run the `gendoc.sh` script (also from this folder) to produce the HTML
files. First run can take a long time (from 10' to 1h), subsequent runs use
cached results and take about 5 minutes.