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2011-01-29  Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)

        1.0.0 release

2011-01-29  Mike Blumenkrantz (discomfitor/zmike)

	* added disk manipulation functions
	(eeze_disk_function, eeze_disk_new, eeze_disk_new_from_mount, eeze_disk_free, eeze_disk_scan,
	eeze_disk_data_set, eeze_disk_data_get, eeze_disk_syspath_get, eeze_disk_devpath_get,
	eeze_disk_fstype_get, eeze_disk_vendor_get, eeze_disk_model_get, eeze_disk_serial_get,
	eeze_disk_uuid_get, eeze_disk_label_get, eeze_disk_type_get, eeze_disk_removable_get,
	eeze_disk_mounted_get, eeze_disk_mount, eeze_disk_unmount, eeze_disk_mount_point_get,
	eeze_disk_mount_point_set, eeze_mount_tabs_watch, eeze_mount_tabs_unwatch,
	eeze_mount_mtab_scan, eeze_mount_fstab_scan)

2011-02-09  Mike Blumenkrantz (discomfitor/zmike)

	* added handling of mountopts
        * iso automounting in eeze_mount
	EEZE_DISK_MOUNTOPT_REMOUNT, eeze_disk_mountopts_set, eeze_disk_mountopts_get)

2011-03-03  Mike Blumenkrantz (discomfitor/zmike)

	* fixed bug with watches involving filtering being too aggressive for removed/offlined devices

2011-03-12  Mike Blumenkrantz (discomfitor/zmike)


2011-03-12  Mike Blumenkrantz (discomfitor/zmike)

	* added eeze_udev_syspath_get_devname

2011-05-15  Mike Blumenkrantz (discomfitor/zmike)

	* added eeze_disk_cancel, to cancel the current pending mount/umount operation on a disk
	* added a uid=%i mount option using getuid (NOT geteuid)
	* added wrapper for mount command exes (such as sudo) with eeze_disk_mount_wrapper_set
	and eeze_disk_mount_wrapper_get
	* added functions to perform udev lookups directly on disk devices without wasting
	unnecessary function calls (eeze_disk_udev_get_parent, eeze_disk_udev_get_property,
	eeze_disk_udev_get_sysattr, eeze_disk_udev_walk_check_sysattr,

2011-05-16  Mike Blumenkrantz (discomfitor/zmike)

	* fixed bug with EEZE_UDEV_TYPE_DRIVE_* detection
	* fixed eeze_udev_find_unlisted_similar to be less permissive
	* added EEZE_EVENT_DISK_EJECT and eeze_disk_eject, functions for ejecting a disk

2011-06-29  Mike Blumenkrantz (discomfitor/zmike)

        * fixed bug where EEZE_UDEV_EVENT_NONE would not match all events for watches
        * fixed segv when detecting removable drives
        * added eeze_scanner utility daemon
        * fixed bug where watches would not properly detect disk events

2011-07-15  Cedric Bail


2011-08-01  Mike Blumenkrantz (discomfitor/zmike)

        * added fix for battery/ac detection with very recent versions of udev

2011-11-17  Mike Blumenkrantz (discomfitor/zmike)

        * added eeze_disk_can_{mount,unmount,eject} to determine at runtime whether eeze
          is capable of performing disk operations

2011-12-02  Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)

        1.1.0 release

2011-12-02  Mike Blumenkrantz (discomfitor/zmike)

        * added network device api (eeze_net_*) and Eeze_Net.h header

2012-01-09  Mikael Sans


2012-04-26 Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)

        1.2.0 release

2012-06-11 Mike Blumenkrantz

        * eeze_scanner socket is now readable by anyone

2012-06-12 Mike Blumenkrantz

        * Add fallback mount using device name if a disk has no uuid

2012-06-29 Mike Blumenkrantz

        * Fix crash in eeze_net_free()

2012-06-29 Christophe Dumez (

        * Added joystick detection

2012-07-10 Mike Blumenkrantz

        * Add a check in event monitoring for disks which ensures that
          device changes for loopback devices are picked up

2012-07-23 Mike Blumenkrantz

        * Add yet another libmount backend for eeze_disk to handle current
          setups which do not have mtab and instead use /proc/self/mountinfo

2012-07-30 Mike Blumenkrantz

        * Add EEZE_DISK_MOUNTOPT_NODEV option for disabling device nodes on mount

2012-07-31 Mike Blumenkrantz

        * Prevent mount operations from retrying infinitely on failure

2012-08-30  Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)

        1.7.0 release

2012-09-18 Stefan Schmidt

        * Added sensor subsystem to read out data from various sensor frameworks
        * Added sensor modules for Tizen and a fake module for testing
        * Added unit tests for various parts of eeze