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import efl_gfx_types;

interface Efl.Gfx.Text_Class
   methods {
      @property text_class {
         set {
            [[Set Edje text class.

              This function sets the text class for the Edje.]]
            return: bool; [[$true, on success or $false, on error]]
         get {
            [[Get font and font size from edje text class.

              This function gets the font and the font size from text class.
              The font string will only be valid until the text class is changed
              or the edje object is deleted.]]
            return: bool; [[$true, on success or $false, on error]]
         keys {
            text_class: string; [[The text class name]]
         values {
            font: string; [[Font name]]
            size: Efl.Font.Size; [[Font Size]]
      text_class_del {
         [[Delete the text class.

           This function deletes any values for the specified text class.

           Deleting the text class will revert it to the values defined
           by @.text_class.set() or the text class defined in the theme file.

           @since 1.17]]
         params {
            @in text_class: string; [[The text class to be deleted.]]