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enum Efl.Ui.Theme.Apply
   [[Return error code when setting the style on a widget.]]
   failed = 0,  [[Failed to apply theme. The widget may become unusable.]]
   default = 1, [[Successfully applied the default style. The widget may
                  look different from the rest of the UI if a custom theme
                  is in use, but it should be usable.]]
   success = 3  [[Successfully applied the requested style from the current

/* The below Elm names need to be cleaned up... */

struct Elm.Event.Policy_Changed
   [[Data on the event when an Elementary policy has changed]]
   policy: uint; [[the policy identifier]]
   new_value: int; [[value the policy had before the change]]
   old_value: int; [[new value the policy got]]

/* FIXME: These shouldn't be here, we don't do functions in eolian!!! */
type Elm_Tooltip_Item_Content_Cb: __undefined_type; [[Elementary tooltip item content callback type]]
type Elm_Object_Item_Signal_Cb: __undefined_type; [[Elementary object item signal callback type]]
type Evas_Smart_Cb: __undefined_type; [[Evas smart callback type]]
type Eina_Compare_Cb: __undefined_type; [[Eina compare callback type]]
type @extern Elm.Glob.Match_Flags: __undefined_type; [[Elementary glob matching flags]]

/* FIXME: elm_policy API is not bound to EO */
enum Elm.Policy
   [[Policy identifiers.]]
   quit, [[under which circumstances the application should quit automatically.
           See also @Elm.Policy.quit.]]
   exit, [[defines elm_exit() behaviour. See also @Elm.Policy.exit.

           @since 1.8
   throttle, [[defines how throttling should work. See also @Elm.Policy.throttle

               @since 1.8
   last [[Sentinel value to indicate last enum field during iteration]]

enum Elm.Policy.Quit
   [[Possible values for the #ELM_POLICY_QUIT policy]]
   none = 0, [[never quit the application automatically]]
   last_window_closed, [[quit when the application's last window is closed]]
   last_window_hidden [[quit when the application's last window is hidden

                        @since 1.14]]

enum Elm.Policy.Exit
   [[Possible values for the #ELM_POLICY_EXIT policy.

     @since 1.8
   none = 0, [[just quit the main loop on elm_exit()]]
   windows_del [[delete all the windows after quitting the main loop]]

enum Elm.Policy.Throttle
   [[Possible values for the #ELM_POLICY_THROTTLE policy.

     @since 1.8
   config = 0, [[do whatever elementary config is configured to do]]
   hidden_always, [[always throttle when all windows are no longer visible]]
   never [[never throttle when windows are all hidden, regardless of config

enum Elm.Object.Select_Mode
   [[Possible values for the #ELM_OBJECT_SELECT_MODE policy.

     @since 1.7
   default = 0, [[default select mode. Once an item is selected, it would stay
                  highlighted and not going to call selected callback again
                  even it was clicked. Items can get focus.]]
   always, [[always select mode. Item selected callbacks will be called every
             time for click events, even after the item was already selected.
             Items can get focus.]]
   none, [[no select mode. Items will never be highlighted and selected but
           the size will be adjusted by the finger size configuration. Items
           can't get focus.]]
   display_only, [[no select mode with no finger size rule. Items will never
                   be highlighted and selected and ignore the finger size. So
                   the item size can be reduced below than the finger size
                   configuration. Items can't get focus.]]
   max [[canary value: any value greater or equal to ELM_OBJECT_SELECT_MODE_MAX
         is forbidden.]]

enum Elm.Object.Multi_Select_Mode
   [[Possible values for the #ELM_OBJECT_MULTI_SELECT_MODE policy.

     @since 1.8
   default = 0, [[default multiple select mode]]
   with_control, [[disallow mutiple selection when clicked without control key
   max [[canary value: any value greater or equal to
         ELM_OBJECT_MULTI_SELECT_MODE_MAX is forbidden.]]

enum Elm.Wrap.Type
   [[Line wrapping types.
     Type of word or character wrapping to use.

     See also \@ref elm_entry_line_wrap_set, \@ref
     elm_popup_content_text_wrap_type_set, \@ref elm_label_line_wrap_set.

   legacy: elm_wrap;
   none = 0, [[No wrap - value is zero.]]
   char,     [[Char wrap - wrap between characters.]]
   word,     [[Word wrap - wrap in allowed wrapping points (as defined in the unicode standard).]]
   mixed,    [[Mixed wrap - Word wrap, and if that fails, char wrap.]]
   last      [[Sentinel value to indicate last enum field during iteration]]

enum Efl.Ui.Focus.Direction
   [[ Focus directions. ]]
   previous = 0, [[ previous direction ]]
   next = 1,     [[ next direction ]]
   up = 2,       [[ up direction ]]
   down = 3,     [[ down direction ]]
   right = 4,    [[ right direction ]]
   left = 5,     [[ left direction ]]
   last = 6

enum Elm.Focus.Region.Show_Mode
   [[Focus region show mode.]]
   legacy: elm_focus_region_show;
   widget, [[As a widget.]]
   item, [[As an item.]]

enum Efl.Ui.Focus.Move_Policy
   [[Focus Movement Policy.
     @since 1.10]]
   click, [[Move focus by mouse click or touch. Elementary focus is set on mouse
            click and this is checked at mouse up time. (default)]]
   in, [[Move focus by mouse in. Elementary focus is set on mouse move when the
         mouse pointer is moved into an object.]]
   key_only, [[Move focus by key. Elementary focus is set on key input like
               Left, Right, Up, Down, Tab, or Shift+Tab.]]

enum Efl.Ui.Slider.Indicator_Visible_Mode
   [[Slider's indicator visiblity mode.

     @since 1.13
   default,   [[show indicator on mouse down or change in slider value]]
   always,    [[Always show the indicator.]]
   on_focus,  [[Show the indicator on focus]]
   none       [[Never show the indicator ]]

enum Efl.Ui.Focus.Autoscroll_Mode
   [[Focus Autoscroll Mode

     @since 1.10
   show,    [[Directly show the focused region or item automatically.]]
   none,    [[Do not show the focused region or item automatically.]]
   bring_in [[Bring in the focused region or item automatically which might invole the scrolling.]]

enum Efl.Ui.Softcursor_Mode
   [[Software cursor mode.

     @since 1.7
   auto, [[Auto-detect if a software cursor should be used (default).]]
   on,   [[Always use a softcursor.]]
   off   [[Never use a softcursor.]]

enum Efl.Ui.Scroll_Block
   [[Direction in which a scroller should be blocked.

     Note: These options may be effective only in case of thumbscroll (i.e.
     when scrolling by dragging).

     @since 1.21
   none = 0,      [[Don't block any movement.]]
   vertical = 1,  [[Block vertical movement.]]
   horizontal = 2 [[Block horizontal movement.]]

enum Elm.Icon.Type
   [[Elementary icon types]]
   legacy: elm_icon;
   none, [[Icon has no type set]]
   file, [[Icon is of type file]]
   standard [[Icon is of type standard]]

/* 'on_access_activate' is beta API in the Widget class */
enum Elm.Activate
   [[Accessibility ]]
   default = 0, [[Activate default]]
   up, [[Activate up]]
   down, [[Activate down]]
   right, [[Activate right]]
   left, [[Activate left]]
   back, [[Activate back]]

/* FIXME: shouldn't exist */
struct @extern Elm_Gen_Item;
struct @extern Elm_Atspi_Action;