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/* FIXME: Move to Eina when we decide they are handled properly. */
struct @extern Eina.Rectangle {
    [[Eina Rectangle]]
    x: int; [[X coordinate of the rectangle]]
    y: int; [[Y coordinate of the rectangle]]
    w: int; [[Width of the rectangle]]
    h: int; [[Height of the rectangle]]

struct @extern Eina.File; [[Eina file data structure]]

struct @extern Eina.Matrix3 {
   [[Eina 3x3 Matrix]]
   xx: double; [[XX matrix value]]
   xy: double; [[XY matrix value]]
   xz: double; [[XZ matrix value]]

   yx: double; [[YX matrix value]]
   yy: double; [[YY matrix value]]
   yz: double; [[YZ matrix value]]

   zx: double; [[ZX matrix value]]
   zy: double; [[ZY matrix value]]
   zz: double; [[ZZ matrix value]]

struct @extern Eina.Inarray; [[Eina inarray data structure]]

type @extern Eina.Unicode: uint32; [[Eina unicode type]]

struct @extern Eina.File.Direct.Info; [[Eina file direct information data structure]]
   path_lenght:    size_t;              [[Size of the whole path]]
   name_length:    size_t;              [[Size of the filename/basename component]]
   name_start:     size_t;              [[Start position of the filename/basename component]]
   type:           Eina_File_Type;      [[File type]]
   path:           char[EINA_PATH_MAX]; [[The path]]

enum @extern Eina.Xattr.Flags {
  [[Eina file extended attributes flags]]
  insert, [[This is the default behaviour, it will either create or replace the extended attribute]]
  replace, [[This will only succeed if the extended attribute previously existed]]
  created [[This will only succeed if the extended attribute wasn't previously set]]

type @extern Eina.Error: int; [[Eina error type]]

struct @extern @free(eina_binbuf_free) Eina.Binbuf; [[Eina binbuf data structure]]
struct @extern @free(eina_strbuf_free) Eina.Strbuf; [[Eina strbuf data structure]]

struct @extern Eina.Slice {
    [[A linear, read-only, memory segment]]
    len: size; [[Length of the memory segment]]
    mem: const(void_ptr); [[Pointer to memory segment]]

struct @extern Eina.Rw_Slice {
    [[A linear, read-write, memory segment]]
    len: size; [[Length of the memory segment]]
    mem: void_ptr; [[Pointer to memory segment]]

struct @extern Eina.Value.Type; [[Eina value type]]