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ci: mingw build target to cross compile EFL for Windows
We are using the EFL windows package installer (ewpi) from Vincent Torri here (thanks!) to setup all the needed cross compiled dependencies for EFL. The make target is disabled as we are not able to execute the windows binaries withour additional work to run check. Work is ongoing in ewpi to have the dependencies provided for soem of the disabled build options (gstreamer, webp, tiff, physics, etc). Once these are working well in ewpi we will enable them here as well. [Brought back after revert. CI image is now fixed to have the needed pre-built windows components again] Differential Revision:
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index fab8a43635..0fb77b1ffc 100755
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@@ -5,6 +5,9 @@ set -e
5if [ "$1" = "release-ready" ] ; then 5if [ "$1" = "release-ready" ] ; then
6 exit 0 6 exit 0
7fi 7fi
8if [ "$1" = "mingw" ] ; then
9 exit 0
8travis_fold check-build "make check-build" 11travis_fold check-build "make check-build"
9if [ "$DISTRO" != "" ] ; then 12if [ "$DISTRO" != "" ] ; then
10 docker exec --env MAKEFLAGS="-j5 -rR" --env EIO_MONITOR_POLL=1 $(cat $HOME/cid) make check-build 13 docker exec --env MAKEFLAGS="-j5 -rR" --env EIO_MONITOR_POLL=1 $(cat $HOME/cid) make check-build