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committerStefan Schmidt <>2018-07-26 08:55:58 +0200
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ci: add ccache support
this enables and implements full support for ccache on travis builds fix T7126 Differential Revision: =also includes previously-submitted patches= ci: split out ccache config setup into separate script this provides a more unified place to set ccache options also enable ccache compression to cut down on cache upload/download overhead ref D6613 ci: zero ccache stats before build and add some comments for options used zeroing the stats before each build will provide more insight into the cache performance for each build ref D6621 ci: break out ccache stat printing into separate script continue to make travis.yml more readable ref D6622 ci: add more ccache config options to improve cache direct hits ci: disable second cpp run for ccache this should avoid running cpp twice for files
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diff --git a/.ci/ b/.ci/
index 144b957..a00de99 100755
--- a/.ci/
+++ b/.ci/
@@ -7,7 +7,10 @@ if [ "$1" != "release-ready" ] ; then
7fi 7fi
8 8
9if [ "$DISTRO" != "" ] ; then 9if [ "$DISTRO" != "" ] ; then
10 docker exec --env MAKEFLAGS="-j5" --env EIO_MONITOR_POLL=1 $(cat $HOME/cid) make distcheck 10 docker exec --env MAKEFLAGS="-j5" --env EIO_MONITOR_POLL=1 --env CC="ccache gcc" \
11 --env CXX="ccache g++" \
12 --env CFLAGS="-fdirectives-only" --env CXXFLAGS="-fdirectives-only" \
13 $(cat $HOME/cid) make distcheck
11else 14else
12 export PATH="/usr/local/opt/ccache/libexec:$(brew --prefix gettext)/bin:$PATH" 15 export PATH="/usr/local/opt/ccache/libexec:$(brew --prefix gettext)/bin:$PATH"
13 make 16 make