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ci: travis: add job to build efl and run tests with address sanitizer
A first step to have addrress sanitizer coverage on our EFL build. It already catched some use after free errors and memory corruptions. Still we have some limititation how we are running this right now. We currently ignore some leaks that are exposed durign the normal build wile haveing the short living runs of edje_cc, elm_prefs_cc, etc. For now the whole leak detection is disabled on the testsuite as well. This is still very valuable, especially for all non-leak cases it finds, thus we are goign to run this on our daily build. Signed-off-by: Stefan Schmidt <> Reviewed-by: Marcel Hollerbach <> Differential Revision:
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71 - os: linux 71 - os: linux
72 if: type = cron 72 if: type = cron
73 env: DISTRO=Fedora31 CI_BUILD_TYPE=coverity 73 env: DISTRO=Fedora31 CI_BUILD_TYPE=coverity
74 - os: linux
75 if: type = cron
76 env: DISTRO=Fedora31 CI_BUILD_TYPE=asan
74 77
75services: 78services:
76 - docker 79 - docker