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authorMarcel Hollerbach <>2019-07-15 22:06:06 +0200
committerCedric BAIL <>2019-07-17 10:17:48 -0700
commitf97df4212a0a993ac71c27b8cc8871eedb304975 (patch)
parenta6fa2f12d6f36a2dbfda4d425bf4e8ce74823ce3 (diff)
efl_ui_win: optimize shutdown
in case we are having a scroller with a lot of elements on it, we are spending a lot of time in stuff like recalculating clips, even if they will never be used again. With this freeze here, we are saving 9s shutdown time in item_container. Which brings the overall closing time from 10s down to 1s, which is a win IMO. Reviewed-by: Cedric BAIL <> Differential Revision:
1 files changed, 2 insertions, 0 deletions
diff --git a/src/lib/elementary/efl_ui_win.c b/src/lib/elementary/efl_ui_win.c
index ef3174e00f..d0cad8288b 100644
--- a/src/lib/elementary/efl_ui_win.c
+++ b/src/lib/elementary/efl_ui_win.c
@@ -2979,6 +2979,8 @@ _elm_win_img_callbacks_del(Evas_Object *obj, Evas_Object *imgobj)
2979EOLIAN static void 2979EOLIAN static void
2980_efl_ui_win_efl_canvas_group_group_del(Eo *obj, Efl_Ui_Win_Data *sd) 2980_efl_ui_win_efl_canvas_group_group_del(Eo *obj, Efl_Ui_Win_Data *sd)
2981{ 2981{
2982 efl_event_freeze(sd->evas);
2982 if ((sd->modal) && (evas_object_visible_get(obj))) 2984 if ((sd->modal) && (evas_object_visible_get(obj)))
2983 _elm_win_modality_decrement(sd); 2985 _elm_win_modality_decrement(sd);
2984 2986