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authorSubodh Kumar <s7158.kumar@samsung.com>2015-12-03 16:04:07 +0000
committerChris Michael <cp.michael@samsung.com>2015-12-03 11:31:08 -0500
commit8273f352695b9d6496043d9e733cc239bbb2c5eb (patch)
parentEctor: Fix Windows build (missed in previous patch) (diff)
Edje entry: Use markup text for password in preedit mode
Summary: Use markup text for password in preedit mode Problem is that when text comes in preedit mode it is always markup text and when it is committed to entry it got committed with markup tags along with the original string, so for preedit mode password should be filtered all markup to set the proper text. @fix Test Plan: In preedit mode, enter any character say 'A' preedit markup like <preedit>A</preedit> will come in preedit changed callback Result: Text is set as plain text like below &lt;preedit&gt;A&lt;/preedit&gt; Reviewers: thiepha, jihoon, herdsman, shilpasingh, tasn Reviewed By: shilpasingh, tasn Subscribers: cedric Differential Revision: https://phab.enlightenment.org/D2929
1 files changed, 1 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/src/lib/edje/edje_entry.c b/src/lib/edje/edje_entry.c
index 38fb5ffafe..9ed6ff7dc4 100644
--- a/src/lib/edje/edje_entry.c
+++ b/src/lib/edje/edje_entry.c
@@ -4297,7 +4297,7 @@ _edje_entry_imf_event_preedit_changed_cb(void *data, Ecore_IMF_Context *ctx EINA
Edje_Entry_Change_Info *info;
_edje_entry_hide_visible_password(ed, en->rp);
- info = _text_filter_text_prepend(ed, en, en->cursor,
+ info = _text_filter_markup_prepend(ed, en, en->cursor,
"+ password=off",
"- password",