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emotion generic - vlc - make it off by default as 2 video bends is silly
as per bug. requiring by DEFAULT 2 video back ends is rather rediculous. pick one and the others are optional. you could argue xine now is barely worth it, but it's stable and works and has proven to be not any real pain. gst1 is a more optimal and far more complete/featured backend that the vlc generic one anyway. vlc generic has the bonus of out-of-process, but gst1 is pretty stable (unlike the 0.1 backend), so let's not make peolpe install 2 video backends (or possibly 3 or more) just to build efl out of the box. this fixes T4284
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@@ -5065,7 +5065,7 @@ fi
5065### Check availability 5065### Check availability
5066 5066
5067## Generic player 5067## Generic player
5068EMOTION_GENERIC_PLAYER([GENERIC_VLC], [yes], [libvlc >= 2.0]) 5068EMOTION_GENERIC_PLAYER([GENERIC_VLC], [no], [libvlc >= 2.0])
5069EFL_ADD_FEATURE([EMOTION], [generic_vlc], [${with_generic_vlc}]) 5069EFL_ADD_FEATURE([EMOTION], [generic_vlc], [${with_generic_vlc}])
5070 5070
5071EFL_LIB_END([Emotion]) 5071EFL_LIB_END([Emotion])