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authorStefan Schmidt <>2014-03-25 17:38:41 +0100
committerStefan Schmidt <>2014-03-26 09:12:23 +0100
commit3cc0e400cdb55ce90761de747dea2b8185bc2cd7 (patch)
parent5cdbcceccbb539065ffa7fc2d8b42ff3fdac3e09 (diff)
build: Disallow non-working sdl + opengl ES combination
To build SDL with OpenGL ES we need a SDL version which ships these headers which only starts with SDL 2.x. So we only allow it for full OpenGL right now until someone wants to port our code over to SDL 2.x Fixes T856 @fix
1 files changed, 7 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/ b/
index 672e1ba..4001d29 100644
--- a/
+++ b/
@@ -1177,8 +1177,14 @@ if test "${want_sdl}" = "yes"; then
1177 EFL_PKG_CHECK_STRICT([sdl >= 1.2.0]) 1177 EFL_PKG_CHECK_STRICT([sdl >= 1.2.0])
1178fi 1178fi
1179 1179
1180# We only enable SDL with opengl if it is not the full version and not ES
1181# This can be changed if we ported our SDL code over to SDL 2.0. For older
1182# versions the SDL_opengles.h has never been released.
1180want_gl_sdl="no" 1183want_gl_sdl="no"
1181if test "${want_sdl}" = "yes" && test "${with_opengl}" != "none"; then 1184if test "${want_sdl}" = "yes" && test "${with_opengl}" = "es"; then
1185 AC_MSG_ERROR([We currently do not support SDL with OpenGL ES. Please consider full OpenGL if you want to use it with SDL.])
1187if test "${want_sdl}" = "yes" && test "${with_opengl}" = "full"; then
1182 want_gl_sdl="yes" 1188 want_gl_sdl="yes"
1183fi 1189fi
1184 1190