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authorJean-Philippe Andre <jp.andre@samsung.com>2018-01-18 14:06:45 +0900
committerJean-Philippe Andre <jp.andre@samsung.com>2018-01-18 14:06:45 +0900
commit50a082cab9fb1c8b83a5295df391b53cc5ced4cd (patch)
parentedje: Return "" as state for invalid parts (diff)
win: Remove "ioerr" event
Unless it's implemented for Wayland as well, AND provides more information than a NULL event_info, I see no point in this being an EO event. Keep legacy as-is: a smart callback only. Also, minor cleanups to the EO file. Ref https://phab.enlightenment.org/T5322
2 files changed, 2 insertions, 5 deletions
diff --git a/src/lib/elementary/efl_ui_win.c b/src/lib/elementary/efl_ui_win.c
index 67bdafeb23..1dceaf972d 100644
--- a/src/lib/elementary/efl_ui_win.c
+++ b/src/lib/elementary/efl_ui_win.c
@@ -4599,7 +4599,7 @@ _elm_x_io_err(void *data EINA_UNUSED)
Evas_Object *obj;
EINA_LIST_FOREACH(_elm_win_list, l, obj)
- efl_event_callback_legacy_call(obj, EFL_UI_WIN_EVENT_IOERR, NULL);
+ evas_object_smart_callback_call(obj, "ioerr", NULL);
diff --git a/src/lib/elementary/efl_ui_win.eo b/src/lib/elementary/efl_ui_win.eo
index 85be4f2708..7d6f8560f3 100644
--- a/src/lib/elementary/efl_ui_win.eo
+++ b/src/lib/elementary/efl_ui_win.eo
@@ -165,8 +165,6 @@ class Efl.Ui.Win (Efl.Ui.Widget, Efl.Canvas, Efl.Canvas.Pointer, Efl.Access.Wind
[[Efl UI window class]]
legacy_prefix: elm_win;
- eo_prefix: efl_ui_win;
- event_prefix: efl_ui_win;
methods {
@property indicator_mode {
[[In some environments you may have an indicator that
@@ -485,7 +483,7 @@ class Efl.Ui.Win (Efl.Ui.Widget, Efl.Canvas, Efl.Canvas.Pointer, Efl.Access.Wind
Note: Once set, it cannot be modified afterwards.
set {
- [[Name can on be set before finalize.]]
+ [[Name can only be set before finalize.]]
legacy: null;
get {
@@ -841,7 +839,6 @@ class Efl.Ui.Win (Efl.Ui.Widget, Efl.Canvas, Efl.Canvas.Pointer, Efl.Access.Wind
unfullscreen; [[Called when window is no longer set to fullscreen]]
maximized; [[Called when window is set to maximized]]
unmaximized; [[Called when window is no longer set to maximized]]
- ioerr; [[Called on input output error]] /*FIXME Better explanation needed */
indicator,prop,changed; [[Called when indicator is property changed]]
rotation,changed; [[Called when window rotation is changed]]
profile,changed; [[Called when profile is changed]]