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1EFL comes with several licences. Listed are the library/project 1Licensing
2name and the license file covering it. 2
3EFL comes with several licences. Different shared libraries are
4covered by different licenses, and are distributed here as an
5aggregation with a single build system. Listed below are the library/project
6names and the license file covering it. Note that this license would
7cover all of the source invovled in each project (src/lib/PROJECT,
8src/modules/PROJECT, src/bin/PROJECT data/PROJECT) unless specifically
9noted otherwise (eg epp in edje or lz4, libunibreak etc.), so please
10refer to these imported project sources for details (but be aware that
11the licensing of such libraries is compatible with the libraries that
12use them and is not more restrictive).
3 13
4evil: licenses/COPYING.BSD 14evil: licenses/COPYING.BSD
5escape: licenses/COPYING.GPL (used in PlayStation native) 15escape: licenses/COPYING.GPL (used in PlayStation native)
@@ -19,5 +29,5 @@ edje/epp: licenses/COPYING.GPL (separate binary/executable)
19emotion: licenses/COPYING.BSD 29emotion: licenses/COPYING.BSD
20ethumb: licenses/COPYING.LGPL 30ethumb: licenses/COPYING.LGPL
21 31
22NOTE: If linked together, the result will be LGPL (or GPL is Escape is 32NOTE: If linked together, the result will be effectively be LGPL (or
23used) due that license characteristics. 33GPL if escape is used) due to license characteristics.