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authorCedric Bail <cedric.bail@samsung.com>2013-11-20 13:02:37 +0900
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parentDocs fix for ecore_animator_add fixed (diff)
eina: fix a possible race condition during eina_file_close.
The lock on the main hash was taken to late (after we took the decision to remove the targeted Eina_File from the cache), this means it was possible to get an Eina_File from the cache that was going to be removed. This patch attempt to fix that potential race condition. Hopefully should fix https://phab.enlightenment.org/T461.
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+2013-11-20 Cedric Bail
+ * Eina: Fix a possible race condition during eina_file_close.
2013-11-19 Tom Hacohen
* Evas textblock: Fixed order of tags inserted with markup_app/prepend.