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authorTom Hacohen <tom@stosb.com>2013-09-03 11:49:02 +0100
committerTom Hacohen <tom@stosb.com>2013-09-03 11:50:34 +0100
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parentevas/render: improve evas_render_sync() (diff)
Evas textblock: fixed *_markup_get issue with escaped chars.
Markup_get was misbehaving and returning wrong results with some escaped chars. markup_to_utf8 was working correctly. Merged the code together and now both are consistent and correct. Thanks to WooHyun for reporting.
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+2013-09-03 Tom Hacohen
+ * Evas textblock: fixed an issue with markup_get and markup_to_utf8
+ behaving differently (markup_get was misbehaving).
2013-09-02 Shinwoo Kim
* Ecore_Input_Evas: Check the state of last mouse event more properly.