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Ecore animator: delete animater's internal timer in _end_tick() in all cases.
When the ecore_animator_source_set() is called with different sources repeatedly, sometimes internal timer is not deleted and this leads animator misbehavior. Especially when the source is changed from ECORE_ANIMATOR_SOURCE_TIMER to ECORE_ANIMATOR_SOURCE_CUSTOM before the SOURCE_TIMER's internal timer is deleted, this problem occurs. In this case, even though _end_tick() is called in ecore_animator_source_set(), the SOURCE_TIMER's timer is not deleted because the source is already changed to CUSTOM. So we should delete the internal timer in _end_tick() in all cases.
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12013-11-26 Daniel Juyung Seo (SeoZ)
3 * ecore anim: Fixed animator not working problem when source_set is
4 changed back and forth very fast.
12013-11-26 Cedric Bail 62013-11-26 Cedric Bail
2 7
3 * Evas: Allow fuzziness on the texture format returned by GL. 8 * Evas: Allow fuzziness on the texture format returned by GL.