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authorTom Hacohen <tom@stosb.com>2013-09-25 15:05:01 +0100
committerTom Hacohen <tom@stosb.com>2013-09-25 15:07:39 +0100
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parentEvas font: Use our own custom fontconfig config. (diff)
Evas font: Fixed evas_font_path_* functions to apply to fontconfig.
Until now those were only used for custom fonts, and not for fontconfig searches. With this commit, fontconfig will also start looking in those dirs.
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2013-09-25 Tom Hacohen
+ * Evas font: Make the evas_font_path_* functions apply to fontconfig searches.
+2013-09-25 Tom Hacohen
* Evas font: Use our own fontconfig configuration so we don't get
affected by changes made to the default fontconfig configuration.