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build: finally enable branch coverage in our lcov-check target
This has been a long standing issue and I finally figured out the details to get this working. Since we started with coverage there always have been some problems to get branch coverage work (problems with older gcc versions, lcov not taking them into account, etc) The last detail that made me go nuts was that in my lcov version (1.10) there is a bug which leads to geninfo not applying the config file and thus not enabling the branch coverage like I defined in the config. I added the --rc option to work around this case. In my local run I get this now from lcov-check: Overall coverage rate: lines......: 35.5% (65814 of 185169 lines) functions..: 44.6% (7661 of 17195 functions) branches...: 22.7% (31492 of 138942 branches) So we have 22.7% branch coverage right now. The vivid followers of my QA mails will also see the difference in numbers for line and function coverage if one comapres my local results and the one on Jenkins. This is another long standing issue and I need to figure out these details next. :)
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@@ -430,11 +430,11 @@ lcov-reset:
430 430
431lcov-report: 431lcov-report:
432 $(MKDIR_P) $(top_builddir)/coverage 432 $(MKDIR_P) $(top_builddir)/coverage
433 lcov --capture --compat-libtool --no-external --config-file .lcov-config --output-file $(top_builddir)/coverage/ --directory $(top_builddir) 433 lcov --capture --compat-libtool --no-external --output-file $(top_builddir)/coverage/ --directory $(top_builddir) --config-file .lcov-config --rc lcov_branch_coverage=1
434 lcov --remove $(top_builddir)/coverage/ '*.h' --output-file $(top_builddir)/coverage/ 434 lcov --remove $(top_builddir)/coverage/ '*.h' --output-file $(top_builddir)/coverage/ --config-file .lcov-config --rc lcov_branch_coverage=1
435 lcov --remove $(top_builddir)/coverage/ '*/tests/*' --output-file $(top_builddir)/coverage/ 435 lcov --remove $(top_builddir)/coverage/ '*/tests/*' --output-file $(top_builddir)/coverage/ --config-file .lcov-config --rc lcov_branch_coverage=1
436 lcov --remove $(top_builddir)/coverage/ '*NONE*' --output-file $(top_builddir)/coverage/ 436 lcov --remove $(top_builddir)/coverage/ '*NONE*' --output-file $(top_builddir)/coverage/ --config-file .lcov-config --rc lcov_branch_coverage=1
437 genhtml --legend -t "$(PACKAGE_STRING)" -o $(top_builddir)/coverage/html $(top_builddir)/coverage/ 437 genhtml --config-file .lcov-config --legend -t "$(PACKAGE_STRING)" -o $(top_builddir)/coverage/html $(top_builddir)/coverage/
438 @echo "Coverage Report at $(top_builddir)/coverage/html" 438 @echo "Coverage Report at $(top_builddir)/coverage/html"
439 439
440endif 440endif