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build: ensure we remove the newly generated *eo.legacy.c files for distcheck
Eolain now generates extra files for the C legacy implementations and distcheck has trouble with them not being removed by the build system. Going to handle lists of them in all the different makefiles (elm, ecore, emotion, etc) would be a lot extra work. Thus I will just make sure the get removed during our clean-local rule. Given 1.22 is the last release we will use autotools for I think this is a fair compromise to get this fixed. Differential Revision:
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@@ -519,6 +519,7 @@ pkgbuild::
519 519
520clean-local: 520clean-local:
521 rm -rf benchmark coverage 521 rm -rf benchmark coverage
522 @find . -name '*eo.legacy.c' -delete
522 523
524./src/lib/emile/Makefile \ 525./src/lib/emile/Makefile \