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parenteina: add Eina_Value tests convert from short, int. (diff)
edje: improve accuracy of math logic in part positioning.
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@@ -211,6 +211,7 @@ Improvements:
- Reduce memory consumption of Edje program handler.
- Use Eina_Cow to reduce memory usage.
- Use eo array of callbacks to reduce callbacks memory footprint.
+ - Improve accuracy of part positioning by keeping rounding information as long as possible.
* Ecore_Evas:
- wayland-egl only renders now if last frame has been presented.
* Embryo:
@@ -379,6 +380,7 @@ Fixes:
- Lua: Stop leaking evas objects in Lua.
- Fix edje min size calc to calc sub GROUP parts too.
- Fix edje multisense segv (free non-malloced data from eet).
+ - Fix some logic issue when using fixed point path.
* Efreet:
- Fix desktop command parsing of https.
* Emotion: