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efl: add eina_file_copy()
it's useful to copy file from one place to another and this will be used in eio' s implementation. NOTE: did not use mmap here as mmap faults may be cumbersome to handle (Eina_File itself does that, but in a nasty way) and the implementation would be severely different as there is no Eina_File from FD, and there is no way to inject custom memory/fd into the Eina_File's fault handling. The performance would not be that different anyways and the splice() is already in there for systems with good performance (read: Linux). SVN revision: 81942
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@@ -46,6 +46,7 @@ Additions:
46 * Added eina_xattr_fd_get(), eina_xattr_fd_set(), 46 * Added eina_xattr_fd_get(), eina_xattr_fd_set(),
47 eina_xattr_del(), eina_xattr_fd_del(), eina_xattr_copy() and 47 eina_xattr_del(), eina_xattr_fd_del(), eina_xattr_copy() and
48 eina_xattr_fd_copy() 48 eina_xattr_fd_copy()
49 * Added eina_file_copy()
49 50
50Deprecations: 51Deprecations:
51 * ecore_x: 52 * ecore_x: