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authorYakov Goldberg <yakov.g@samsung.com>2013-01-06 09:53:17 +0200
committerYakov Goldberg <yakov.g@samsung.com>2013-04-04 13:10:22 +0300
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evas/font: fix handling querying char at coords (click on gap)
If query at x coord, which points to rigth half of LTR char, next position will be returned. The same for left half of RTL char. Signed-off-by: Yakov Goldberg <yakov.g@samsung.com>
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@@ -220,3 +220,4 @@ Fixes:
* Fix evas word start/end find in textblock to be consistent with other toolkit logic on the matter
* Fix edje entry to respect filters and if input filtered out, don't clear selections
* Fix evas buffer engine allocation with non alpha output
+ * Evas font: click on left/right half of char does matter now.