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parentautotools: Fix eolianc-xx header distribution. (diff)
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@@ -203,12 +203,15 @@ Fixes:
* evas-wayland-shm: Use XDG_RUNTIME_DIR if available for creating mmap'd buffer file.
* evas-wayland-shm: Fix 'oopsie/typo' in temporary file name template
* ecore-x - fix setting protocol atoms for icccm for 64bit
+ * ecore-drm: Send proper keycode to ecore key event, and remove erroneous variable.
* edje/Edje_Edit: _edje_edit_real_part_add init field of Edje_Real_part
* fix ecore_con_url using 100% cpu and just let fd handler do work (T1251)
* fix behavior of edje entry to match other toolkit entires (T1229)
* fix ecore_thread_global_data_wait to work when no data exists yet
* Eo: Fix deref after free. (CID1039898)
* evas/render - fix segfault because of null cow access. (T1252)
+ * edje: Edje_Edit - fix wrong behaviour on draggable.event processing while deleting parts.
+ * evas/text: fix abnormal ellipsis logic when harfbuzz is enabled.
Changes since 1.8.0: