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parenteet: add internal encoding to ETC1 as an alternate solution to Jpeg. (diff)
autotools: let's be precise on how we do support ABI stability.
NOTE: We do use enum in structure. There size can be changed by changing the parameter of the compiler, this obviously will break ABI. As long as you use the same compiler (and normally any future version of that compiler) with the same set of CFLAGS/CXXFLAGS, you will have ABI stability.
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You can affect compilation optimization, debugging and other factors
-by setting your CFLAGS environment variable (and CXXFLAGS)
+by setting your CFLAGS environment variable (and CXXFLAGS). Be aware
+that to ensure ABI stability you should use the exact same CFLAGS /
+CXXFLAGS for all the build of EFL and any applications/libraries that
+depend on them.
Other recommendations: