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efl - threads and signals - make efl work on "insane" os's with signals
so. on linux signals are delivered to the main process thread/loop. thats' where signal handlers are set up and always run. this is sane. it's predicatble. but of course this is not the same in bsd land. there "just send the signal to any old thread and call the signal handler there" seems to tbe the order of the day. this explains why wer are losing sigchld signals in edje_cc - it's heavily threaded and bsd is just randombly picking a thread to call it on. this fixes that. in theory. i hope. i can't test, but putting it in to share @fix
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@@ -32,12 +32,7 @@ PLATFORMS
EFL is primarily developerd on Linux (GNU/Linux) and should work on
most distributions as long as dependencies are provided. It has been
compiled and run also on Windows (using MINGW32 - please see
-http://www.winbuilds.org ), Mac OS X, FreeBSD and NetBSD. Due to
-serious bugs in OpenBSD, EFL cannot be compiled or used there. Please
+http://www.winbuilds.org ), Mac OS X, FreeBSD and NetBSD.