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authorGustavo Sverzut Barbieri <>2017-01-26 14:48:20 -0200
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cmake/eolian: fix EOLIAN_BIN type.
So EOLIAN_BIN had no type, which resulted in BOOL and thus ON/OFF. It should be labeled as FILEPATH and then we can remove the special case in EflMacros.cmake.
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diff --git a/cmake/config/eolian.cmake b/cmake/config/eolian.cmake
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--- a/cmake/config/eolian.cmake
+++ b/cmake/config/eolian.cmake
@@ -1 +1 @@
EFL_OPTION(EOLIAN_BIN "The eolian_gen binary to use" ${CMAKE_RUNTIME_OUTPUT_DIRECTORY}/eolian_gen) \ No newline at end of file EFL_OPTION(EOLIAN_BIN "The eolian_gen binary to use" ${CMAKE_RUNTIME_OUTPUT_DIRECTORY}/eolian_gen FILEPATH)