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committerCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman) <>2016-10-28 22:58:36 +0900
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improve responsivness of timer sleeping threads for vsync with prctl
prctl allows us on some platforms to request a thread be woken up more agressively e.g. due to a timeout bu setting timerslack. since we use a dedicated thread just for vsync events, this is a very good idea to ask the kernel to be as exact as possible for this thread as it only wakes up once per frame (or should only) and accuracy is important. so use this. also improve prctl checks to be more explicit in and use these ifdefs in ecore exe too where prctl is used as well. @feature
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@@ -1029,7 +1029,7 @@ EFL_CHECK_GCC_BUILTIN([bswap64], [HAVE_BSWAP64])
1029 1029
1030AC_CHECK_FUNCS([fchmod]) 1030AC_CHECK_FUNCS([fchmod])
1031 1031
1032EFL_CHECK_FUNCS([EINA], [dlopen dladdr iconv shm_open splice setxattr getpagesize]) 1032EFL_CHECK_FUNCS([EINA], [dlopen dladdr iconv shm_open splice setxattr getpagesize prctl])
1033 1033
1034enable_log="no" 1034enable_log="no"
1035if test "x${efl_func_fnmatch}" = "xyes" && test "x${want_log}" = "xyes" ; then 1035if test "x${efl_func_fnmatch}" = "xyes" && test "x${want_log}" = "xyes" ; then