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authorCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman) <>2017-11-15 11:48:25 +0900
committerCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman) <>2017-11-15 11:48:55 +0900
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Revert series of patches from cedric (due to dependencies and conflicts)
Revert "elementary: currently double declare elm_init/shutdown." This reverts commit 44bb0c18480f5094fcd0c8be93de87be5c1d78c5. Revert "elementary: fix efl_ui_multibutton installed headers." This reverts commit 32a213dc722be2bfec5fb2b513dd556cfb7e9f33. Revert "elementary: introduce Efl_Ui.h." This reverts commit df3d3f7334a79f1ab661b31787002f50af59b3f3. Revert "ecore: do not display error message on cancel." This reverts commit 99654b7cd29b418e0308be350c8d26208c0905a8. Revert "efl: and don't forget to install the new dependencies." This reverts commit 814ffb9b6bd50d498bfd98f4b8a75f1cad3cc0cf. Revert "ecore: remove EFL_OBJECT_BETA as Efl_Core.h is for Efl new inerfaces." This reverts commit 619d0f3cff023414feb8f2aaeebf468806c50b44. Revert "ecore: move EAPI_MAIN from elementary to ecore." This reverts commit e5d84da864214b9f772808040f22e1614889a25f. as such commit e5d84da864214b9f772808040f22e1614889a25f starts the breaking. enlightenment, terminologya and other apps can't compile against that efl anymore. 619d0f3cff023414feb8f2aaeebf468806c50b44 then makes this even worse with even more header errors and undefined types. on top of this df3d3f7334a79f1ab661b31787002f50af59b3f3 then starts making elementary_test segfault when it runs. it wont even start up. asu such of these 7 commits in the first 4 (that are then relied on later) 3 of these first 4 cause serious breakage. this simply is a complete lack of testing changes, so i've rolled fl back to before these things so it builds and works again and you can build against it. PLEASE test these things. this looks ot me to be obviously a lack of any testing... :(
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--- a/
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@@ -5606,7 +5606,6 @@ pc/efl-cxx.pc
5606pc/efl-wl.pc 5606pc/efl-wl.pc
5607pc/efl-core.pc 5607pc/efl-core.pc
5608pc/efl-net.pc 5608pc/efl-net.pc
5610pc/evas-fb.pc 5609pc/evas-fb.pc
5611pc/evas-eglfs.pc 5610pc/evas-eglfs.pc
5612pc/evas-opengl-x11.pc 5611pc/evas-opengl-x11.pc