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evil: make it possible to build the library alone.
So I have been battling with autotools on this for a full week now, and what we want is basically impossible. A.k.a. one file definition and possibility to do a full build or just a partial build of efl. Even moving to just partial build require to land a massive patch that change everything in our build system and this is just not a road I want to take. For reference, if one day automake allow the use of any kind of variable (autoconf AC_SUBST expansion or $()) in the _SOURCES parameter, it will be possible to fix. Alternatively if they allow to build subdirectory before they do BUILT_SOURCE, it would make it possible to incrementaly move to only partial build. In the mean time, a less problematic solution is to duplicate source code.
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5483doc/previews/Makefile 5483doc/previews/Makefile
5484doc/widgets/Makefile 5484doc/widgets/Makefile
5485src/Makefile 5485src/Makefile
5486src/benchmarks/eina/Makefile 5487src/benchmarks/eina/Makefile
5487src/benchmarks/eo/Makefile 5488src/benchmarks/eo/Makefile
5488src/benchmarks/evas/Makefile 5489src/benchmarks/evas/Makefile