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committerCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman) <>2013-12-30 09:29:40 +0900
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configure - add warning when enabling xcb
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@@ -4042,3 +4042,27 @@ if test "x${have_systemd_pkg}" = "xyes" -a "x${want_systemd}" = "xno"; then
4042 echo " ||----w |" 4042 echo " ||----w |"
4043 echo " || ||" 4043 echo " || ||"
4044fi 4044fi
4046if test "x${with_x11}" = "xxcb"; then
4047 echo "_____________________________________________________________________"
4048 echo "!!-- WARNING --!!"
4049 echo "_____________________________________________________________________"
4050 echo "You have chosen to use XCB instead of Xlib. It is a myth that XCB"
4051 echo "is amazingly faster than Xlib (when used sensibly). It can be"
4052 echo "faster in a few corner cases on startup of an app, but it comes"
4053 echo "with many downsides. One of those is more complex code inside"
4054 echo "ecore_x, which is far less tested in XCB mode than Xlib. Also"
4055 echo "the big catch is that OpenGL suppot basically requires Xlib anyway"
4056 echo "so if you want OpenGL in X11, you need Xlib regardless and so you"
4057 echo "gain nothing really in terms of speed and no savings in memory"
4058 echo "because Xlib is still linked, loaded and used, BUT instead you"
4059 echo "have OpenGL drivers working with an hybrid XCB/Xlib (mostly XCB)"
4060 echo "toolkit and this is basically never tested by anyone working on"
4061 echo "the OpenGL drivers, so you will have bugs. Do not enable XCB"
4062 echo "and use OpenGL. XCB is only useful if you wish to shave a few Kb"
4063 echo "off the memory footprint of a whole system and live with less"
4064 echo "tested code, and possibly unimplemented features in ecore_x. To"
4065 echo "remove the XCB setup, remove the --with-x11=xcb optiomn to"
4066 echo "configure."
4067 echo "_____________________________________________________________________"