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ecore_evas_x: add safety check for data in converterdevs/bu5hm4n/work_dnd
since the existance of seleciton manager, the converter callbacks from ecore_x are expecting custom struct pointers. However, enlightenment never updated to use the elm dnd API for client side usages. Which results in the fact that sometimes, when a client sents Notify, and e_dnd is active, that this converter is executed with the wrong data. With this commit the data passed in is ensured to have the correct magic number. The proper solution for this would either be registering the correct converters in enlightenment, or update to elm_drag. However, since the continues cried river over the last 5 days has raised enough hydro power to add these changes. This leaves us with just one question: How was it possible to generate so many messages about a problem that can be solved in a fraction of charaters that have been written? fixes <a-issue-that-was-never-created> Differential Revision:
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