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Revert "theme: rename "default" theme to "dark""
This reverts commit d764e0b2790b322778e6db80932c168ae0d43b96. The whole idea of renaming the default theme is an "api break" even if config is changed. and symlinks don't work on windows as a solution. (well on ntfs only as only as administrator, so they don't exist). modifying config for switch from default to dark also will break the case where someone put ~/.elementary/themes/default.edj there and it just is different to the system one and how their theme changes on them as it switches to dark. basically we can't rename a theme like this mid-flight in efl. default is default and has to stay that name. it can change the look, but not the name. i think the apparent reasoning behind this is not a good one. the work on flat is temporary. i don't think we will ever maintain multiple "default themes" as its just far too much work. we can maintain color SCHEMES which are just a list of colorclasses and colors for them - that's separate to a theme and would override. right now these things don't exist. we are not going to create a dark.edj and a light.edj just to store differing default colorclass values. we should be doing the above with colorclass "color palette/scheme/whatever" files that override those named colorclasses globally on init. so reverting because this is an api break and we shouldn't break api unless there is really absolutely no other choice. here the choice is to just temporarily work in a branch and modify default and then merge the branch when done.
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diff --git a/data/elementary/objects/test_focus_style.edc b/data/elementary/objects/test_focus_style.edc
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--- a/data/elementary/objects/test_focus_style.edc
+++ b/data/elementary/objects/test_focus_style.edc
@@ -434,19 +434,19 @@ collections {
434 } 434 }
435 } //group ends 435 } //group ends
436 436
437#include "../../../data/elementary/themes/dark/macros.edc" 437#include "../../../data/elementary/themes/macros.edc"
438#include "../../../data/elementary/themes/dark/fonts.edc" 438#include "../../../data/elementary/themes/fonts.edc"
439#include "../../../data/elementary/themes/dark/colorclasses.edc" 439#include "../../../data/elementary/themes/colorclasses.edc"
440 440
441// to customize check default style 441// to customize check default style
442#include "../../../data/elementary/themes/dark/edc/elm/check.edc" 442#include "../../../data/elementary/themes/edc/elm/check.edc"
443 group { name: "elm/check/base/focus_text"; 443 group { name: "elm/check/base/focus_text";
444 data.item: "focus_part" "elm.text"; 444 data.item: "focus_part" "elm.text";
445 inherit: "elm/check/base/default"; 445 inherit: "elm/check/base/default";
446 } 446 }
447 447
448// to customize button default style 448// to customize button default style
449#include "../../../data/elementary/themes/dark/edc/elm/button.edc" 449#include "../../../data/elementary/themes/edc/elm/button.edc"
450 group { name: "elm/button/base/focus_icon"; 450 group { name: "elm/button/base/focus_icon";
451 data.item: "focus_part" "elm.swallow.content"; 451 data.item: "focus_part" "elm.swallow.content";
452 inherit: "elm/button/base/default"; 452 inherit: "elm/button/base/default";