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authorChunEon Park <hermet@hermet.pe.kr>2013-05-31 17:35:30 +0900
committerChunEon Park <hermet@hermet.pe.kr>2013-05-31 17:35:30 +0900
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parentedje - indent fix. (diff)
edje - support edc source_visible
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diff --git a/data/edje/vim/syntax/edc.vim b/data/edje/vim/syntax/edc.vim
index c47d701023..08c6bec6e9 100644
--- a/data/edje/vim/syntax/edc.vim
+++ b/data/edje/vim/syntax/edc.vim
@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@ endif
" A bunch of useful keywords
syn keyword edcBlock images data fonts collections group contained
syn keyword edcBlock part parts dragable description contained
-syn keyword edcBlock text font fill origin size image contained
+syn keyword edcBlock text font fill origin size image proxy contained
syn keyword edcBlock programs program styles style contained
syn keyword edcBlock gradient spectra spectrum contained
syn keyword edcBlock color_classes color_class rel1 rel2 contained
@@ -31,6 +31,7 @@ syn keyword edcLabel source5 source6 multiline pointer_mode contained
syn keyword edcLabel state visible step aspect fixed middle contained
syn keyword edcLabel aspect_preference ellipsis elipsis image contained
syn keyword edcLabel relative offset to to_x to_y contained
+syn keyword edcLabel source_visible contained
syn keyword edcLabel border border_scale scale_hint color color2 color3 font size contained
syn keyword edcLabel signal action transition in filter contained
syn keyword edcLabel target after fit align contained