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elm perf tool - bring one back to efl
expedite is basically dead. because it's out of tree and because it was ported to eo too early... but it's also not a great tool given it requires manual addition of engines and can't test elm stuff (complex widgets). so this is an elm based performance tool. i've added some tests (taken from expedite and modified a bit). to get the ball rolling. the idea is to add all the important core tests (rects, images, text, video etc.) and then add widget/smart object like tests that go beyond what expedite did. the problem with these tests is they are dependent on theme. there isn't really any way around that... but i might categorize tests in the end. @feature
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diff --git a/data/elementary/desktop/elementary_perf.desktop b/data/elementary/desktop/elementary_perf.desktop
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1[Desktop Entry]
3Name=Elementary Perf
4Comment=Elementary Performance Test Application
diff --git a/data/elementary/desktop/ b/data/elementary/desktop/
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@@ -1,4 +1,7 @@
1desktop_files = files('elementary_config.desktop', 'elementary_test.desktop') 1desktop_files = files(
2 'elementary_config.desktop',
3 'elementary_test.desktop',
4 'elementary_perf.desktop')
2elementary_icon = files('elementary.png') 5elementary_icon = files('elementary.png')
3 6
4install_data(desktop_files, 7install_data(desktop_files,