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authorDave Andreoli <>2016-05-05 23:17:46 +0200
committerDave Andreoli <>2016-05-05 23:17:46 +0200
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Disable the new svg icons for the moment :(
As explained in the ml we are hitting an issue with the svg loaders not included in efl
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diff --git a/data/elementary/themes/default.edc b/data/elementary/themes/default.edc
index cf88829..4e60fe3 100644
--- a/data/elementary/themes/default.edc
+++ b/data/elementary/themes/default.edc
@@ -31,7 +31,11 @@ collections {
31#include "edc/elm/list.edc" 31#include "edc/elm/list.edc"
32#include "edc/elm/conform.edc" 32#include "edc/elm/conform.edc"
33#include "edc/elm/icon.edc" 33#include "edc/elm/icon.edc"
34#include "edc/elm/icon_fdo.edc" 34
35// Disable all the FDO icons for the moment as they are in svg format, the svg
36// loader is still outside the efl tree, thus we cannot build efl :(
37// #include "edc/elm/icon_fdo.edc"
35#include "edc/elm/video.edc" 39#include "edc/elm/video.edc"
36#include "edc/elm/access.edc" 40#include "edc/elm/access.edc"
37#include "edc/elm/photo.edc" 41#include "edc/elm/photo.edc"