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evas - Clip mark performance improvement
stable release - cherry-pick me! We propose a patch that reduces graph traversal work in evas_object_child_map_across_mark(). It fixes a few particular slowdowns around Tizen applications, including 0.6 seconds slowdown. evas_object_child_map_across_mark() does not seem to need to recursively call itself on the same object many times. Yet we have noticed that in some scenarios it repeatedly traverses the same subtrees of objects over and over again, whenever there is more than one way of reaching these subtrees. In the production issue mentioned above, certain elm_object_part_content_set() call results in millions of recursive calls of evas_object_child_map_across_mark(), taking ~0.6sec total. We propose to allocate a hash table during top-level call to store all objects visited, and return from sub-calls instantly whenever we are called over an object we already visited.
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