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authorDavid Walter Seikel <onefang@gmail.com>2011-11-06 09:00:21 +0000
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Finally committing my edje lua additions after a long chat with raster on IRC.
Not everything discussed is in this commit, but that will come later today. SVN revision: 64803
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* Add Edje multisense that allows playback of samples and
vibrator control and ultimately beginsd to pave the way for
more complex audio etc. support.
+2011-11-06 David Seikel (onefang)
+ * Lua: Added color_class and text_class functions.
+ Still need to write a function for setting the classes of an object.
+ This works for things in OTHER groups using those classes though.
+ * Add image, text, textblock (commented out), and edje objects.
+ Very basic support.
+ * Add functions for set/get text font, size, and text.
+ * Add function for set/get image image.
+ Still needs to limit to only imagess in the current edje file.
+ * Add functions for set/get image fill and filled.
+ * Add function for set/get edje file.
+ Still needs to limit to only groups in the current edje file.
+ * Add full support for evas line object.
+ * Add full support for evas polygon object.
+ * Beefed up the example lua script to show most of the above.
+ Including some handling of size changes.
+ * White space fixes, one of the editors I use cleans those up automatically. shrugs