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eet: Go back to plain header check for zlib as band-aid
Older version of zlib, used in Fedora 10 and Ubuntu 10.04, does not have a pc file. It would be better to bring this into m4 macro but I fear touching it. Vincent, it would be great if you could handle this as well. Without this you get this error: configure: error: "Cannot find zlib.PC. Make sure your PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable contains include lines for the location of this file" SVN revision: 73138
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--- a/legacy/eet/
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@@ -389,7 +389,10 @@ AC_MSG_CHECKING([whether to activate signature support in eet])
389AC_MSG_RESULT([${have_signature}]) 389AC_MSG_RESULT([${have_signature}])
390 390
391# libjpeg and zlib 391# libjpeg and zlib
392EFL_CHECK_LIBS([eet], [libjpeg zlib]) 392EFL_CHECK_LIBS([eet], [libjpeg])
394 [dummy="yes"],
395 [AC_MSG_ERROR("Cannot find zlib.h. Make sure your CFLAGS environment variable contains include lines for the location of this file")])
393 396
394# Eina library 397# Eina library
395 398